It’s amazing to see how student newspapers unite our school communities. After all, what better place to learn about . . . 

  • your school football team’s winning streak 
  • read reviews about a play fueled by the passion of your peers 
  • and hear from the next generation of leaders as they run for student government? 

But student newspapers don’t just help the larger school community. They also provide an amazing outlet for all creatives: writing, photojournalism, design, and more.

And yet did you know that 21% of the nation’s high schools don’t have any student media? That means 4,000-5,000 high schools and many more middle schools are without a newspaper. And that means that hundreds of thousands of students are left feeling disconnected from their school communities. 

Launch Student News aims to bring that number to zero by helping every middle and high school to create an online news site. 

Through Launch Student News, my mission is to empower other students equally as passionate about bringing their schools together through journalism. 

As you can see, I’ve posted some of my favorite tips for writing news, features, opinion, and sports articles. In the coming few months, you’ll find more and more resources from professional journalists, so subscribe for the latest posts. 

If you’re looking for more personalized advice, Launch Student News will help you and your school create a news site for free, learn about journalism, and publish your first articles.

If you’re a student/educator wanting to start a student newspaper or a professional journalist looking to give advice to students, I want to hear from you! Please contact me using this form.

We are also looking for student and professional journalists to volunteer with Launch Student News. If you have a passion for journalism and helping people, this opportunity is for you! Use the same form as above.

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